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Bridging Japan to the Global Horizon



Business Matching

Connecting Japan to the world, we help companies and businesses in Japan to explore the global market and, simultaneously, international companies to enter Japan market.


We organize small to significant size events and conferences in Japan, Singapore and other world. Through events, we help companies represent their business to the local market and gain users, customers, and partners.

Market Explore Consulting

We help businesses localize through PR and marketing.


SheisDAO is a SocialFi + DAO platform transforming how users engage with influencers. Here, Key Role Models (KRMs) publish NFTs with utilities, creating their own decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). Empowering KRMs to share know-how, time, services, and products.

Busness Matching

Business Matching


To get your market needs and ideal companies


We research the match companies for your business


To approach your ideal companies and make appointment

Online/Offline meeting

To setup the online or Offline meetings with translator


We issue reports about approached companies and analysts of future business chances


Sheis organizes events every month in Japan and Singapore. We welcome other brands to co-host together in return to help them localize through events.


Established in Tokyo in 2020, Sheis, Inc. is led by trilingual co-founders with diverse cultural backgrounds, contributing to their international success as women leaders. Boasting a collective experience of 9 years in entrepreneurship and 8 years in market exploration consultancy, our team is committed to advancing the vision of Sheis with extensive expertise.

Sheis, Inc. aspires to serve as the conduit connecting Japanese companies to the global arena, introducing the finest international technologies, solutions, products, and services to thrive in the Japanese market.

Leveraging our team's prior achievements, we have successfully fostered connections across more than 10 countries and regions, spanning diverse industries such as Blockchain, Software, Cosmetic, Finance, Fashion, and Medical. Our outreach includes China, the U.S., Canada, Israel, Dubai, Taiwan, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, the UK, and Germany.

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